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Masters of Arts in Teaching - Teaching Credential

Units: Multiple Subjects—56; Single Subject—50
Credentialing: Preliminary single subject and multiple subject
Program Length: 1 year(full-time)or 2 years (part-time)
Start Dates: Fall, Winter, or Summer
Instructional Method: On campus

The Master of Arts in Teaching + Teaching Credential (MATTC) program is the first step for individuals who want to attain their multiple subject (MS) or single subject (SS) preliminary teaching credential. At the conclusion of the program, candidates earn a Master of Arts in Teaching degree and a recommendation for a California SB2042 Multiple Subject or Single Subject Preliminary Teaching Credential. It is not possible for a student to pursue only a teaching credential or only a Master of Arts in Teaching degree.  

The MATTC program prepares individuals to become effective, equitable, and ethical teachers. The program fully integrates: (a) the professional coursework and clinical field experiences required by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing; (b) master’s-level expectations for academic rigor and richness; and (c) focused engagement in and consideration of the ethical dimensions of teaching practice. 

Master of Arts in Teaching and Teaching Credential - Single Subject 

This credential authorizes the holder to teach the specific subject(s) named on the credential in departmentalized classes such as those in most middle schools and high schools. California teaching credentials are available in the following subject areas: agriculture, art, business, English, foundational-level mathematics, health science, home economics, industrial and technology education, languages other than English, mathematics, music, physical education, biological sciences, chemistry, geosciences, physics, and social science.

Individuals entering the single-subject program must demonstrate subject matter competence either through the completion of a state-approved subject matter preparation program or by passing the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET). Undergraduates should note that approved subject matter preparation programs are often different from academic major requirements. Individuals interested in single subject teaching credentials should consult the advisor in the relevant academic department of the applicant’s baccalaureate institution to obtain information on the courses required for the subject matter requirements. Information regarding state-approved subject-matter examinations is available from the Student Services office in the first floor of Guadalupe Hall. It is highly recommended that students pass these examinations before entering the credential program.

Students who earn a Master of Arts in Teaching + Teaching Credential - Single Subject degree  are prepared for careers teaching a single subject to students at the middle or high school level.

New MATTC-SS 1-year plan (PDF)

New MATTC-SS 2-year plan (PDF)

Master of Arts in Teaching and Teaching Credential - Multiple Subject 

This credential is primarily for those who intend to teach in elementary or middle schools where they are teaching multiple subjects in a self-contained classroom. Individuals entering the multiple subjects program must demonstrate subject matter competence through the passage of the California Subject Examination for Teachers-CSET Multiple Subjects.

Students who earn a Master of Arts in Teaching - Teaching Credential - Multiple Subject degree are prepared for careers as elementary school teachers; their coursework and clinical practice experiences help them learn how to teach multiple subjects to a group of diverse learners in a self-contained classroom.

New MATTC-MS 1-year plan (PDF)

New MATTC-MS 2-year plan (PDF)

East San Jose Campus: Fostering Educational Opportunities for Hispanic Communities

Recognizing that the development of culturally responsive educators is crucial to the School's commitment to multiculturalism and social justice, the School of Education and Counseling Psychology now offers a master of arts in teaching & teaching credential (MATTC) program at a satellite campus that serves as a direct conduit to prepare teachers to work with under served Hispanic schools. 
The School of Education and Counseling Psychology has also established the SEMILLA scholarship program to attract aspiring teachers who commit to teach in schools with predominantly under served Hispanic populations and to ensure that the number of culturally-responsive teachers in Santa Clara County is increased to meet the needs of the student population. 

MATTC Student Handbook 2017 - 2018