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Latimer Energy Lab

The Latimer Energy Laboratory (LEL) supports a very wide range of activities relating to photovoltaics (PV), from K-12 outreach through graduate engineering.

The laboratory focuses on measurement of solar radiation, measurement and characterization of artificial light sources, study of physical characteristics of PV cells, and electrical characteristics, including I-V curves. Instrumentation includes: pyranometers, VIS-IR spectrometers, metallurgical microscopes, source meters, and related computers.

2015 Summer Latimer Energy Lab Scholars: Front row (l to r): Professor Timothy Healy, Michael Rudolf, Chris Clark, Fred Feyzi; Back row: Ryan Baron, Ethan Hayden, Maximilian Reese, Eduardo Melendez, Andy Ly, Matt Burke, Ryan Greenough, Nico MetaisImage link to full article

Energizing Students ... and the World

For students working in the Latimer Energy Laboratory, summer days were anything but lazy as they worked to design three important projects: a micro-grid power allocation device, a cookstove fan that pasteurizes water while generating electricity, and a system for pulling water out of the air to irrigate vegetation that might die in times of drought.

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    • A Different Kind of Lab

      Since its founding four years ago, the Latimer Energy Laboratory has provided a space for students from all engineering disciplines and the sciences to come together to learn, explore, innovate, and grow.