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The California Wildfires

California wildfire

California wildfire

California wildfire
(AP Photo/Nick Ut)

The world has been experiencing worsening wildfire conditions for decades, and in California the situation is particularly bad. The Ethics Center staff and other scholars address some of the key ethical issues surrounding these disasters.
Principles for Utility Regulation in the Face of Increasing Wildfire Risk by Catherine J.K. Sandoval, associate professor at Santa Clara University School of Law and former commissioner of the California Public Utilities Commission

Background on California Wildfires by Efren Oxlaj Tambito, Sam Packard, and Liz Rickley, 2018-19 environmental ethics fellows

Global Warming-Enhanced Wildfires by Iris Stewart-Frey, associate professor of Environmental Studies and Sciences, and Ed Maurer, professor of Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering

What Ethical Issues Are Involved in Wildfires? by Brian Patrick Green, director of Technology Ethics

Our World, Our Responsibility by Yael Kidron, former director of Character Education

Wildfires, Ethics, and the Biblical by David DeCosse, director of Campus Ethics

From the Ashes by Miriam Schulman, former associate director of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics 

Dec 3, 2018


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