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  • 8 am – 5 pm PT
    June 3

    The Diversity Crisis on Corporate Boards

    • Digging in: What is our current reality around racial equity in the boardroom, how did we get here, and why is it important to understand?
    • Time capsule project and other data


    Governance in the Modern Business Environment 

    • Explore the essential knowledge you will need to serve on boards of directors
    • What are the current governance challenges and regulatory changes impacting the boardroom? 
    • Risks and protections of directorship


    Board Roles and Responsibilities

    • A deep dive into the essential responsibilities and duties of board membership, based on the maturity and size of the company and its products or services
    • Understand committees, time commitments, and the functions of the board and the process for committee assignments
    • Lead director role: separation of chair from CEO
    • Shareholder activism (James White, Jamba Juice; Bonita Stuart)

    Committees: Compensation, Nominations/Governance, Audit

    • Mandatory disclosures
    • The work process of committees
    • How a meeting gets planned and run; committee leadership
    • Content and substance of each committee's work
    • Time commitment and compensation
    • Board TMT interactions, as well as the dynamics among the board-TMT-CEO-Chairman
    • Hot topics for committees
    • Variations in practices for committees
  • 8 am – 5:15 pm PT
    June 4

    The Courting Process

    • What are board members and recruiters looking for in a candidate? What skills and backgrounds are required?
    • How to increase your visibility with executive search firms and nominating committees
    • How and why to target the right company(s)
    • What will recruiters see as your strengths? What is the best way to fill your gaps?
    • Analyze opportunities to harness your network to identify and create board opportunities
    • How can you leverage your experience into the right board opportunities?


    Breaking the "Fit Code": Why Diversity? Why Now?

    •  Beyond the Numbers - The New Narrative


    Preparing Your Board Bio, Resume and LinkedIn Profile

    • Your digital profile


    Marketing Yourself: Telling Your Story

    • Personal Planning Activity: Work through your own brand components, using our guide. Pair up for feedback
    • Learn how to tell your story when considering potential board membership, and how it is different from seeking an executive position
    • The interview – a deep dive
    • Interview role play activity: get ready to answer questions about your role in governance
  • 4 Week Break

    During the break, you will spend a total of 4 hours with your coach and can split your time up as you see appropriate. You and your coach will begin working on your one on one advisory session with season board members.  During this time period, we offer 2 Webinar Sessions: Finance through the Board Lens and Managing Authority Bias

  • 8 am – 5:15 pm PT
    July 8

    Finance Through the Board Lens

    • Attain a comprehensive understanding of the Audit Committee’s role on a board, as well as the Compensation and Nom Gov Committees
    • Understand M&A from a director perspective
    • Enable yourself to look across the organization to evaluate risk, compensation, and strategic alliances
    • Develop the ability to be an effective board member by setting the tone at the top and optimizing return on investment for shareholders

    Applied Ethics

    • Learn how ethics is a key component of today’s corporate board management and the ethical responsibilities of directors in today’s modern governance environment
    • Discuss racial justice and diversity, equity, and inclusion and ethics issues for the modern corporation

    Finance for VC/PE Boards

    • Evaluating a start-up board position, specifically if the startup has already received a series A round
    • VC & PE-backed companies
  • 8:30 am – 4:30 pm PT
    July 9

    Responsibilities of Being a Black Board Member

    • Understand the 3 P’s and the 3 W’s:  Philanthropy, People, Procurement, Wage, Work, and Wealth Gaps for Blacks 
    • Learn how to advocate
    • Understand pipeline attrition & related issues
    • Gain perspective on how to deal with tokenism and expressed bias

    Negotiating and Influencing Skills

    Learn foundational components of negotiation skills, and how they apply in the courting process

    Time to Meet with Your Advisors

    Each participant will talk to their panel of advisors about their background and goals in a conversation style format. Advisors will have a chance to get to know each participant for up to 1 hour.

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