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If I Want Your Opinion, I’ll Ask for It

By Thomas Plante
People love to tell you how to live your life, don’t they? There is no shortage of family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, businesses, and of course, magazines...
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    Winning Is the Sum of Small Victories

    By Jeff Mitchell
    “If winning were easy, everyone would do it.” Any member of a team either at work, school, or in sports has likely run into that quote. Of course, experience...
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    3 Ways to Prepare for the Future of Work

    By Dean Ku M.A. '09
    An estimated 85 percent of jobs in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet—that’s according to a Dell Technologies report on technology’s future impact...
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    A ladybug on a strand of grassImage link to full article

    Don't Bug Me

    By Phil Kesten
    There are hundreds of species of bombardier beetle found all over the world. With bits of orange or yellow on a black body, and under an inch long, the...
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    What It Takes to Boost Your Entrepreneurial Capacity

    By Drew Starbird MBA '84
    My friend Dave Aune and I just finished teaching a 10-week experimental course at the Center for Employment Training (CET) in San Jose. The CET offers...
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    A Venn diagram with the word strategy written on an arm holding a wrench meeting in the middle of three circlesImage link to full article

    How to Avoid Making a Bad Situation Worse

    By Hersh Shefrin
    One sixth of all the prescriptions written in this country are for drugs produced by the Israel-based pharmaceutical firm Teva. For Teva, that...
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    4 Ways to Cope with the People Who Drive You Mad

    By Thomas Plante
    Recently a therapy patient expressed great upset to me while speaking about her adult son. In a nutshell, he just doesn’t do what she wants him to...
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    How a Linebacker’s Call for Soft Bread Shaped Me as a Leader

    By Jeff Mitchell
    When it comes to learning leadership skills, the best training can occasionally surface in subtle and unexpected ways...
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    A full moon peaking out of clouds over city buildings with a river running through them and a bridge in the distanceImage link to full article

    Blue Moon Rising

    By Phil Kesten
    The phase of the Moon is constantly changing. On some nights, perhaps tonight, there will be a full moon—a big, bright, circular Moon that lights up the...
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    3 Surefire Ways to a Better LinkedIn Profile

    By Dean Ku M.A. '09
    Uncertain of how to improve your LinkedIn profile? Not sure what will actually make a difference to recruiters? There’s a lot of advice out there...
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