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Lab Director: David Jeong
Lab Manager: Em Dang

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SCU Imaginarium

The intersection of tech, arts, and humanities.

The Imaginarium lab is a space dedicated to exploring the potential of extended reality (VR, AR, MR), data visualization, digital art, and game design. We celebrate the transformative capabilities of mixed reality technologies, enabling intuitive data visualization, pushing the boundaries of digital art, and leveraging game design for education and storytelling. 

Our lab is also more than just a physical space; it cultivates a community that thrives on active collaboration, fostering an environment of shared learning and imaginative exploration. By bridging the gap between diverse fields and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, the lab unites students and faculty members, creating a community of creators and researchers passionate about exploring the possibilities of emerging technologies and creative expression.

We aim to create an environment that encourages active engagement in immersive art, data visualization, and human interaction to create projects that emphasize social responsibility, collaboration, and engagement.

The Imaginarium is located in Heafey 237! You can find us by walking to the back of Heafey and going up the stairs.

The Imaginarium holds open hours 9AM-12PM and 1PM-5PM on weekdays. You can also email or to arrange a visit or schedule a demo. See our Calendar & Events for more up-to-date details about Imaginarium hours and activities.

If you are a member of SCU with an individual project, you are welcome to visit the Imaginarium during open hours (M to F 9AM-12PM/1-5PM) to work on your project. If you are SCU faculty seeking out space, equipment, or student workers for a project, please contact Em Dang with your questions.

If you are a student interested in learning about the Imaginarium's research or production teams, please contact Professor David Jeong. Note that all of our active teams begin work during week 1 of each quarter, so they are not open to adding new team members once the quarter is already in session. However, feel free to reach out to learn about what we have going on in the lab at any point in the quarter!

Not working on any particular projects? No problem! Feel free to drop by during open hours to check out the space and meet other lab members.