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The Imaginarium is an immersive design and digital art lab located in the Dowd Art and Art History building. This center seeks to unify immersive digital technology and fine arts practice, with an emphasis on interactivity, engagement, collaboration, and social responsibility.

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Lab Manager: Brian Beams 
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XR Networking

On February 23, Brian Beams (Art & Art History) along with Imaginarium lab techs, Vicki Lim '19 (Computer Science), Andrea Horvath '21 (Computer Science and Engineering), Magdaline Schulte '21 (Computer Science), Isabel Wu '21 (Marketing and Studio Art), and Mohammed Khadadeh '21 (Computer Science and Studio Art), were invited to an XR networking event at the Microsoft Reactor in San Francisco hosted by XR@B and StanfordXR. Santa Clara University was one of several Bay Area schools that attended including Stanford, Berkeley, SJSU, and CCA. Along with networking, students demoed their work and watched a presentation on Azure Spatial Anchors.

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