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Audit a Course

Would you like to apply to audit a JST course, i.e., not for academic credit? We encourage course audits here at JST. All audited courses are on a space available basis with instructor permission. Non-degree seeking students can audit only two courses per semester. If you would like to audit a course as a non-degree seeking student, take a minute to answer the questions below to see if you qualify for a 50% tuition reduction and contact Memphis Latchison at or at 510- 549-5013 to apply.

Are you an alumnus of JST?

Do you work in full time ministry in a Catholic diocese, parish or school?

Are you employed at a Jesuit sponsored institution?

Are you a member of the Society of Jesus?

Note: If a non-degree seeking student says YES to any of these questions they get a 50% reduction in tuition.