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Life in Berkeley

Explore recreational options near JST as well as the broader Bay Area.

Access a list of nearby grocery stores as well as additional lists of close home furnishing and retail centers on our Groceries and Shopping information page.

Learn about the Bay area's convenient public transit options

Parking is at a premium in Berkeley. All parking near JST is either metered or requires a residential permit in order to park for more than two hours.

If you live on Holy Hill and have a car, you can purchase a Residential Preferential Parking (RPP) permit from the city of Berkeley. Check out the RPP website for more information.

If you are visiting JST and plan to have a vehicle, please see our Visitors page for more information about where to park upon your initial arrival.

Connect to the GTU News and Events website to learn of opportunities to get involved in the life of the consortium

Myriad events are at your fingertips with the University of California - Berkeley just down the street from JST. Check out UC Berkeley's events page for more details.

Renowned for its diversity, the Berkeley and broader Bay Area has much to offer in the way of Arts and Entertainment.