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Student Leadership

Residence Life Leadership Opportunities & Positions

The Office of Residence Life offers a variety of leadership positions and opportunities for students to consider while living on campus. Student leadership and involvement contribute to a strong and vibrant residence hall community. The following are several leadership and employment opportunities students can pursue to engage more deeply in their college experience.

YouLead is an online application process for several leadership positions on campus including Community Facilitators (CFs), Neighborhood Representatives (NRs), Orientation Leaders (OLs) and Neighborhood Ambassadors (NA). Students complete one general student leadership application that allows them to apply for multiple positions at one time. The application for the 2018-2019 selection process will be available on Tuesday, November 28, 2017.

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Community Facilitators (CFs) are residential peer educators who serve as student members of staff teams in Residential Learning Communities (RLC). The CF position has been designed to support the University Strategic Plan and the Jesuit philosophy for integrated education. CFs contribute to the development of a community of scholars in their respective communities by assisting the academic and personal development of residents, and by promoting and supporting an inclusive environment in which differences are thoughtfully explored. Additionally, CFs are expected to know and uphold University policies and community standards, work collaboratively to build community, be available to mentor students, and encourage responsible citizenship in the RLC and on the SCU campus.

Neighborhood Representatives (NRs) are residential peer leaders who serve as student members of the staff team and work closely under the direction of the Area Coordinator and Assistant Area Coordinators. The Neighborhood Representative position has been designed to support community development and to provide an upper-class student presence to liaison between the students in their respective building and the community staff. Neighborhood Representatives contribute to the development of a community of scholars in their respective buildings through assisting with the personal development of residents, promoting and supporting an inclusive environment in which differences are thoughtfully explored and working collaboratively to build community. Additionally, they are expected to know and uphold University policies and community standards and encourage responsible citizenship in the community by modeling such.

Assistant Resident Directors and Assistant Area Coordinators serve as part of the Residence Life Senior Staff at SCU. As a member of the Leadership Team in each community, Senior Staff assist in the overall building operations of each of our communities here on campus and serve as a resource for both students and staff within the various residence halls. They supervise Service Desk operations within the communities, advise community councils and assist in assuring the safety and security of residents across campus by serving in a campus-wide on-call rotation.   

While working at the Service Desks in each community, Desk Assistants (DAs) serve as the initial representative of the residence hall. DAs are an integral staff members of the Office of Residence Life and serve as an initial representative of the residence hall, the department, and Santa Clara University. DAs act as a resource and referral person for both residents and visitors, and receive and disseminate information to the community.  As a visible person in the community, DAs are seen as positive role models within the community and provide a wealth of information, services, and resources to community members.

2016-2017 Desk Assistant Position Description

Apply for the Desk Assistant Position

The deadline to apply is Monday May 2, 2016 at 5pm. 

An excellent way to become involved in your community and the campus is to participate in your RLC's Community Council (CC). The CC is an organization within each community that gives students the chance to help shape the culture of their RLC. By planning educational and social events, these students create a community that becomes more than just a place to sleep. Community Council members represent and express the ideas and opinions of their fellow residents to the community leadership team and staff, which is an excellent way to develop leadership potential and network within the community and across campus.

Housing & Conference Services Student Staff Positions

The Housing & Conference Services Office offers a number of student positions, which are also described below. These positions contribute to the overall function of our office and are vital to our success.

  • Applications Available: January 7, 2019 Application link will be available in January
  • Application due: March 15 at 11:59pm
  • Individual Interview Process: April 8-12
  • Offer emails sent: April 24, 2019

The Office of Housing & Conferences Services is hiring for Summer 2019! Learn about the application process and timeline to join our team!

The Business Services Specialist (BSS) position within the Offices of Housing & Residence Life (HRL) supports the staff within the offices as well as students, parents, faculty, and staff. This position provides opportunities for students to create a welcoming environment for all constituents that interact and engage with the office. BSS’s need to approach tasks as critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and responsible leaders. Additionally, BSS’s are expected to maintain accurate records, complete computer data entry tasks, assist with room selection & assignments, organize filing systems, speak confidently & comfortably, and collaborate with other HRL staff.

The Housing Building Operations Specialist provides support to the housing building operations & conference services staff, which includes administrative and facility related tasks. Administrative tasks include managing student lockouts, tracking lock changes, inputting computer data, and various auditing of keys and programming systems. Facility related tasks include completing housing building walks and room condition inspections to identify charges and general work orders, preparing halls for student check in and out in relation with conference services, and auditing electronic and keyed locks. Other responsibilities include completing inventory checks, assisting with furniture moves and reconfigurations, and general receptionist/clerical duties, such as filing. Assistance in coverage of service desks will be expected during high traffic times.

The summer Community Assistants (CAs) are collectively responsible for all summer residents (approximately 100-200 students total) who reside on campus within the housing summer residence halls. Community Assistants contribute to the greater mission of Santa Clara University by helping to build an inclusive community and by caring for each individual in the residence hall. Specific responsibilities of the position include but are not limited to: performing resident check-ins and check-outs, communicating maintenance requests, enforcing the Student Conduct Code, providing programming & events, as well as general administration of University residence hall procedures. Additionally, this position requires that students work well under pressure and have well developed interpersonal communication skills. 

The Conference Services Representative (CSR) position is responsible for supporting customer service success by ensuring that University guests have a comfortable, positive, and safe experience on campus. Responsibilities of the position include providing support to program organizers & attendees in check-in and check-out of campus housing, preparing meeting and residential facilities per program needs – this includes bed making, furniture relocation (lifting up to 40 lbs.), effectively working with University departments to arrange for support services (i.e., Benson Operations, Campus Safety, Dining), and consistently demonstrating sound customer service skills – patience, helpfulness, positive attitude, & knowledgeable.

The Conference Guest Specialist (CGS) position within the Housing & Conference Services office provides a leadership role for guest and serves as primary point of contact for guests at the Conference Services desk. The CGS creates a welcoming environment for all guests through friendly and solution-oriented service. CGS is responsible for executing daily office tasks, responding to guest questions and concerns, answering guest services phone, the check-in/check-out of overnight guests and providing quality customer service while assisting with various administrative tasks. CGS will be trained in operational responsibilities of the Conference Services Representative.

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