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Communitas - Campisi Hall

Programs & Themed Floors

Programming in Communitas strives to be intentional, creative, informative, inclusive, and awesome. Thanks to the ingenuity and hard work of each staff member within our building as well as input from residents, our community has multiple events scheduled per week. Whether you are interested in engaging in a service project, learning outside of the classroom, or mingling with your peers at a social event, Communitas organizes events for all. Shout out to our Community Council, a student-run organization within our building, which also plays an integral role in our community. This organization plans and masterfully executes our traditional Monday Night Socials.

The ACT Pledge- a promise to complete a minimum of one Communitas sponsored service project per quarter- is an optional commitment that Communitas residents can agree to complete. The purpose of this pledge is to inspire new and returning Communitas residents to get involved and make a positive impact within our local community. It is our hope that returning students will see the benefit of serving and inspiring others to do the same.

Community Highlights

Communitas is Latin for "community" and embodies the spirit of fellowship that students enjoy in this RLC. Communitas embraces and relies upon students to shape its theme and activities. We strive to be a place that fosters connection because knowing your neighbors is essential to working and growing with them. We are also varied and flexible in emphasis; no matter what your passion is or who you want to help, Communitas can support you. Communitas provides many opportunities for community-based learning, civic engagement, and exploring local ways to make a difference. We embody our motto, "Local Action with Compassion."

What do we value?


Fostering an environment where a spirit of fellowship and camaraderie can thrive.


Recognizing each person's spiritual need for physical, emotional, and mental health.


Understanding the importance of a holistic approach to education. Endeavoring to emphasize that success is not only measured by one’s own personal accomplishments, but by the impact one has on others.

Cura Personalis

Embracing the Jesuit philosophy of Cura Personalis, or care for the whole person.


Striving to help those in need – locally, nationally, and globally – through service oriented projects.

Communitas RLC is located in Campisi Hall and houses 193 first-years and sophomores. Campisi is a traditional style residence hall and is typically comprised of about 60% first-year students and 40% sophomore students. Our theme focuses on service and giving back to those in the local community. Campisi Hall has three floors, which house residents as well as six Community Facilitators, one Assistant Resident Director, one Resident Director, one Faculty Director, and one Spirituality Facilitator. Each of these groups and individuals help to make Communitas a thriving, close-knit community.

Amenities throughout our building include:

  • Floor Lounges
  • Basement
  • Balconies
  • Grills in Campisi/Sanfilippo Quad
  • Study Spaces
  • Vanity/Sink in Resident Rooms
  • Air Conditioning