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da Vinci - Casa Italiana

Community Highlights

The da Vinci Residential Learning Community celebrates Italian heritage and culture with a focus on science, engineering, and the arts. The academic interests of our community often reflect those of the famous Leonardo.  Many da Vinci students stay together throughout their four years at Santa Clara, allowing younger students to make new friends and learn from their more experienced peers.

The da Vinci RLC is located in the Casa Italiana Residence Hall and houses over 350 students. Casa is one of two residence halls that serves as a four-year community, housing first-year students to seniors. First-year students and sophomores typically live in eight-person suites that include four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and storage space. Juniors and seniors typically live in four-person apartments that include four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. The Vintage Casa portion of our building offers single rooms with community bathrooms. 

Amenities throughout our building include:

  • Floor Lounges
  • Rooftop Terrace
  • Classrooms & Study Spaces
  • Tech Room
  • Bocce Ball Court
  • Mail Room/Pick-Up
  • Air Conditioning

Across the four floors of our building, we have nine Community Facilitators, one Residential Learning Communities Association (RLCA) Representative, one Assistant Resident Director, one Resident Director, one Faculty Director and two Spirituality Facilitators dedicated to supporting residents during their time in da Vinci.

Programs & Themed Floors

Our residents and commuter students participate in events and make Casa Italiana their home base while they are on campus. Our traditional programs include:

  • da Vinci Day - On the first weekend of the school year, residents battle it out in a floor competition filled with food, friends, and fun.
  • Prima Notte - On the first Monday of every quarter, residents with kitchens cook a spaghetti dinner for those without kitchens.
  • dV Caffe - Every Tuesday night, residents gather for free dessert in the Casa Commons.
  • Family Game Night - Every Wednesday night, residents come together for friendly competition.
  • Up n' Atom - Every quarter on the weekend before finals, study snacks are sold in the Casa Kitchen. The most expensive item is $0.50.

Ciao da Vinci! is a community on the fourth floor of Casa Italiana that celebrates all things Italian through numerous activities including bocce ball tournaments, Italian movie nights, home-cooked "family" dinners, and a trip to an Italian-American neighborhood. First-year students on Ciao da Vinci! take a Cultures and Ideas sequence called "Italy: Gateway of Cultures." Through class discussions and guest lectures, this two-quarter course explores Italian culture from Ancient Rome to Italy today.