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Xavier - Sanfilippo Hall

Community Highlights

The Xavier RLC is located in Sanfilippo Hall and houses approximately 200 first-years and sophomores.  Our theme focuses on faith, justice, and solidarity and our residents explore these topics through community-sponsored events.  Across the three floors of our building, we have six Community Facilitators, one Assistant Resident Director, one Resident Director, one Faculty Director and one Spirituality Facilitator dedicated to supporting residents during their stay in Sanfilippo.

Xavier students come together each year to explore the community’s theme of faith, justice and solidarity. Through programs and conversation, Xavier residents gain a deeper understanding of their own core beliefs and principles while learning about various aspects of diversity and social justice. Xavier is an RLC for those who want to participate in the Jesuit tradition of the integration of faith and justice, and for those who want to grow and embrace their own role in creating societal change through solidarity.

Traditional Programs 

Each quarter we dedicate several programs to one of our central themes. Community Facilitators plan programs and events to engage with Xavier's theme and to get residents more directly involved in the community. Some of the Faith, Justice and Solidarity programs include: a guest speaker with a social justice story, service projects, in-hall Mass, guided meditation, solidarity walks and dinners, and movie nights.