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Spring 2020 Move Out Information


Effective May 29th, all students have the opportunity to request a move-out appointment between June 3rd through July 12th to retrieve their belongings from their residence hall. In addition to the option of returning to campus, students can also choose to designate a proxy to remove their belongings or contract with Bronco Student Services to pack/store/ship their belongings. Please review the following information for details on how to sign-up for a move-out time and properly move out of your residential space while exercising all social distancing guidelines set forth by Santa Clara County. 

All resident students must make arrangements to have their belongings removed from their residence hall or Neighborhood Unit by July 12th. Although appointments will be scheduled through July 12, students must finalize their move-out plans by Friday, June 19 (i.e., request a move-out appointment, designate a proxy, or contract with Bronco Student Services).


All SCU students can now sign-up for a three (3) hour move-out time. Move-out times are available beginning on Wednesday, June 3, 2020 through Sunday, July 12, 2020 (July 3 - July 5 are not available for move-out):

  • Students who wish to come to campus must sign up for a three-hour move-out time. Instructions for signing up for your move-out time are included at the end of this message.
  • The move-out times that are available are 8am-11am; 11am-2pm; 2pm-5pm; and 5pm-8pm daily.
  • As you plan for your move-out, we ask that you consult with anyone who will be assisting you before scheduling. Once you select a move-out date & time and receive confirmation, you will not be able to change the date or the time.

In order to complete the move-out process in a manner that prioritizes your health and the health of our community, the following actions will be taken:

  • You may only bring one (1) additional individual to assist you.
  • Only 8 students will be able to sign up for each move-out time slot per building. As a result, the number of people in each building during each 3-hour time block will be at most 16.
  • You and anyone assisting you will be required to wear a face covering when you are in any public area in the residence halls or moving between your room and your vehicle. Gloves are not required but highly encouraged.
  • If you or anyone assisting you is sick, you are not permitted to come to campus to move-out.
  • It is expected that you and anyone helping you will follow all social distancing expectations, including maintaining a distance of six feet. This means you should not sign up to move out at the same time as your roommate(s) or suitemate(s).
  • The University will not be providing any common use moving carts or dollies, so please plan to bring any needed moving materials.
  • We request that you and anyone assisting you wash your hands frequently and/or use hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer stations are located in the main lobbies of each residence hall.
  • You, and anyone who is assisting you, will not be permitted to spend the night in the residence halls.

In addition to the above listed actions, the following will be in place for the move-out process:

  • A temporary parking permit will be attached to your confirmation email - please print and display the permit on your dashboard while on campus. 
  • In order to minimize the amount of time you and those assisting you spend on campus during move-out, damage charges will only be assessed if room damage is egregious or appears intentional, if furniture is missing, or if excess trash or items are left in your room.
  • You will be expected to remove all items and trash from your room, but you will not be expected to reset furniture. 
  • Bronco Storage will be providing storage options, by appointment, for students who wish to drop off belongings for summer storage. If you plan to use this storage option, before signing up for a move-out time, please make sure your desired move-out time will align with the operating hours of Bronco Storage.  
  • Once all of your belongings have been removed from your room, please complete the on-line Check-Out Agreement within the Housing Portal in eCampus. 

How to Sign Up for a Move-Out Time:

MOVE-OUT TIME REQUEST: To request a move-out time please complete this form.

    • DO NOT come to campus if you have not yet received confirmation from Housing.
    • DO NOT come to campus if you or anyone assisting you are sick.

DESIGNATE A PROXY: If you plan to designate a proxy to pack up and remove your belongings, please submit a move-out time request and indicate in the form that you will need to designate a proxy. Once the move-out time is approved, you'll receive a message with instructions on how to designate your proxy for the approved move-out time. Once the proxy is approved, you and the proxy will receive instructions regarding access to the building/room as well as additional move-out instructions in a follow-up email.

BRONCO PACK-UP SERVICES: If you plan to contract with Bronco Student Services for Pack-Up services, you do not need to complete the Move-Out Time Request Form nor do you need to designate a proxy.