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COVID-19 Resources for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

Image of coronavirus

We at MOBI send a heartfelt message of encouragement and solidarity to all who are suffering from the coronavirus and our immeasurable gratitude to those battling the illness on the front lines in big and small ways every day.

Thank you!

Please find below resources providing guidance and information for small businesses and entrepreneurs during the coronavirus pandemic. Many of these resources are updated frequently, perhaps daily, so check them often.

In addition MOBI has created an accelerated course, Quick Start Entrepreneur, to quicken your path to entrepreneurship. All MOBI courses and content are free.

Quick Start Entrepreneur includes the 10 most important sessions and most essential information from our Starting a Business and Business Expansion courses. We are also offering 5 bonus sessions with new content to give you additional business skills. 


Federal Resources:


State and Northern California Regional Resources:


Financial Resources:


Free Resources from Corporations:


Other Resources:

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