Orientation leaders share their thoughts on what students can do to make the most of this exciting start to an SCU adventure.

The two days new students spend at summer Orientation provides them with the information and tools they need to explore their new environment.

SCU students who volunteer to lead the seven Orientation sessions have learned a thing or two about making the most of this exciting start to an SCU adventure. Here's what they had to say:

  1. “Check out the Orientation website for all you need to know about our Orientation sessions!”

  2. “Don’t be nervous. Everyone is on an equal playing field, to make a fresh start.”

  3. “Don’t be too worried about picking the perfect class right now. Each class will be useful in the long run.”

  4. “If you are going to lose your access card, do it in the first couple of weeks so it’s not too embarrassing and maybe you’ll get a better photo.”

  5. “Bring a re-usable water bottle. It will be hot and there are refill stations everywhere.”

  6. “Have a fun fact ready about yourself—that always gets conversations started.”

  7. “Practice your best dance moves before coming. You won’t regret it.”

  8. “Don’t be afraid to take one step outside your comfort zone, and see where it takes you.”

  9. “Be proud of your RLC and be ready to show it whenever you can.”

  10. “Be open to all possibilities.”

  11. “It’s OK to feel a little vulnerable. You’ll see that everyone is open and accessible, and you’ll be challenged to open up as well.”

  12. “Live outside your comfort zone, so that the unimaginable can become a reality.”

  13. “Don’t stress about registration. Everyone gets the classes they need.”

  14. “Prepare to be social!”

Orientation Leaders

Cameron Barrilleaux (quote 1): Assistant Director for New Student & Parent Programs

Taylor Kee (quotes 2–4): Rising junior and 2nd-year Orientation leader

Marc Gehrig (quotes 5–6):Rising junior and 2nd-year Orientation leader

Quincey Gilbert (quotes 7–9): Rising junior and 2nd-year Orientation leader

Jahwala Johns (quotes 10–11): Rising sophomore and 1st-year Orientation leader

Jack Herstram (quotes 12–14): Rising junior and Senior Orientation leader