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Office of Student Life

Welcome to the Office of Student Life (OSL) website!  We are happy you found us.  As you explore our website, you will quickly discover that Student Success is the central focus for OSL. This focus is accomplished by serving as an advocate for students and fostering their holistic development.  OSL’s approach to student life reflects the Ignatian Values of SCU: respecting our students as individuals and working with them to maximize their personal development and academic pursuits.

Our Services, Programs, & Offices

OSL’s core services, programs and offices reflect our philosophy. Our services, programs and offices engage students in different modalities and are often a combination of advocating for them in ways that they view as being supportive, and at other times challenge them to be accountable for their decisions and behaviors.  Learn more about each of our programs and offices by clicking on the tiles below

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Navigate here to Culture of CARE

As a Jesuit institution, one of our leading values is Cura Personalis, a Latin phrase meaning "care for the whole person". When there are indicators that a student may be struggling, it is important that the community come together for aid.  SCU CARE supports students by helping them find the resources to build resilience and overcome challenges.

Health & Safety Modules
Navigate here to Well-Being and Health Resources

Explore a holistic approach to well-being at Santa Clara University. Discover a range of resources designed to support your mental and emotional health. From counseling services to engaging workshops, empower yourself on the journey to a balanced lifestyle.



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Navigate here to Food Insecurity Program

OSL supports students who are experiencing food insecurity. The program is grounded in trust, thus all requesting or referred students will receive assistance through either the Bronco Pantry, donated gift cards to local stores, and/or donated SCU dining points.

Navigate here to Off-Campus Living (OCL)

The vast majority of junior and senior students live within five miles of campus, which is what the University considers to be "off campus housing". OCL helps students in their transition to off campus living and to be a resource for those living in the local neighborhood.

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Navigate here to Student Conduct

OSL is responsible for the administration of the Student Conduct System.  The Student Conduct System is designed to engage students in reflection about their behavior and its impact on self, others, and the community as a whole.  Additionally, OSL works with the Registrar's Office, the Study Abroad Office, and Campus Safety to produce enrollment verifications, background checks, and other conduct record checks for students and officials as requested.

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Navigate here to Community Standards

The Santa Clara University community is committed to promoting values aligned with academic and personal excellence. By becoming a part of this community, you signify your agreement with and commitment to these values.

Click here to access the Community Standards and Student Conduct Code

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