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Since its founding in 1851 the University has relied on the Society of Jesus for its educational mission.

Jesuits in residence

Seal of the Jesuit Order

Jesuit Order

History of the Jesuit order, which was founded in 1540 by Ignatius Loyola.

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Fr. Zampelli teaching

Jesuit Education

Jesuit education at Santa Clara University

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Mission Santa Clara sign


History of the Jesuits at Santa Clara University.

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Jesuit Church at Santa Clara University

Mission Santa Clara

Mission Santa Clara de Asis.

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Greg Boyle, S.J.

Fr. Greg Boyle, S.J.

Excerpt from Tattoos on the Heart

"How much greater is the God we have than the one we think we have. More than anything else, it seems to be about a joy that is a foreigner to disappointment and disapproval. This joy just doesn't know what we're talking about when we focus on the restriction of not measuring up."