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Department ofTheatre and Dance

Parents - A Message from the Chair

“As a theater major I developed skills vital to any company's workforce. I can follow directions, take feedback, work with others towards a common goal, understand what is needed in certain situations, I can improv and think on my feet, I can read a room, I can be in the moment, and you can put me in front of a 1000-person presentation hall without a microphone and I can deliver”
Michael Standifer '16 | Theatre Grad

We are excited that your son or daughter is considering SCU to study theatre and dance in college. After years of talking to parents of prospective students, I also understand your concerns about how pursuing theatre and dance will prepare them for when they graduate. I want to reassure you that in addition to receiving excellent training in performance, design, and critical analysis students learn and develop essential life skills as well. The business skills sought by employers such as leadership and communication directly correlate with the skills your child will learn moving through the Department of Theatre and Dance. Our graduates are working at the highest levels in theatre and dance yet they are also successful at Silicon Valley companies and becoming doctors, dentists and lawyers. We educate them to become leaders in whatever profession they choose. Check out some of our alumni in Life After SCU.

We understand that your child may wish to pursue other courses of study in majors that can add to their marketable skills after college. Our major is designed to allow students to double major and still be challenged to grow as artists at the highest level. We also realize the high cost of an SCU education and are very fortunate to have departmental scholarships to award as grants over and above other financial aid your child might receive.

I welcome you to call me at 408-554-4043 or email with any questions about our program and how we train students to Perform Meaningfully in whatever profession they choose. We are as excited about our graduates who become doctors, lawyers and enter business as we are for those who pursue the performing arts at all levels, from Broadway to community theatre.

-- David Popalisky