Welcome to the University Operations website.  We encompass a wide variety of services on campus to make sure the SCU experience is an enjoyable one for Broncos and visitors alike.

Latest News

  • Electrical Outages December 27th and 29th

    University Operations and the Utilities Department will be performing maintenance tasks on our main electrical distribution gear during the week following Christmas. This work will require outages across the core of Campus and affect multiple buildings on two separate days. Please visit the Information page of the Utilities website for more information.


    Veterans Flagpole 11.11.2014

    A new flagpole area was installed near the entrance to the main parking structure.  The dedication ceremony took place on Veterans Day, in honor of our veterans.

    Zagster - Bicycle Sharing Program 10.30.2014

    Zagster is a new bicycle sharing program where those registered can have access to a bicycle for a designated period of time.  This efficient and sustainable strategy allows Santa Clara University affiliates to have the ease and convenience of a bicycle when they need one without the hassles of maintenance.  To register for the program, click here!


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